Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
On FreeBSD 6.0 with bind9, if I define a host to have multiple A records, such that some IP addresses are listed more than once, for example:
[ ... ]
Will those addresses listed more than once show up more often as the "answer" to name server requests (or more often as the first address since it lists all addresses in response alternating the order)??

The last I'd heard, BIND implemented multiple-RR round-robin'ing but not relative weighting if a RR is specified several times.

Note that you're probably never going to achieve fine-grained control by using DNS load-balancing anyway, since client-side caching behavior is more significant than what your side does.

If you actually need load-balancing to do something, you're better off implementing it between a front-end DTS box (an Alteon or something like that if need be) and a bunch of back-end servers which actually implement meaningful load-balancing based on the workload of your back-end servers...

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