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Adam Weinberger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The whole point of this email has been entirely overlooked: to someone
> who is unfamiliar with adduser, the initial configuration questions
> aren't identifiable as such. Perhaps a note such as "Answers to the
> following questions will be used as rules for future user additions:" Or
> something that makes more sense.

I agree with Adam, this bit me in the past also thinking that 
the "Usernames must match regular expression: " prompt was asking 
for the new users name, then also munging up my /etc/adduser.conf 
file with my proposed new users name, instead of the regular exp. 
This was all pilot error, but an easy error for a new admin/user 
to make.

desktop># adduser
/etc/adduser.conf: No such file or directory
Use option ``-silent'' if you don't want to see all warnings and questions.

Check /etc/shells
Check /etc/master.passwd
Check /etc/group
Usernames must match regular expression: 

Especially unfriendly to a very new admin/user, who should 
probably be referred to /stand/sysinstall post-install 
configuration.  Remember that as a new user to FreeBSD/UNIX 
one of the first recommended steps is to get a non-root 
login, and use it!.


Stephen Hilton

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