Andre Rodrigues wrote:
Good morning,

I'm writring, to know information about FreeBSD (as it was your university
that developed it), i'd like to know what is the  network's architecture and
the operating system's architecture,know how they communicate between each
layer, and finally to know how the data are transmitted between 2 or more
freeBSD's if it's by bursts or bit a bit.
Hope your reply, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your information,
Best Regards.

Hmm; I can't recall ever owning a university.  Went
to one for a while, though ;-)

FreeBSD is freely available, and controlled by the
FreeBSD Project.  The address "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
is a public mailing list.

In a poor attempt to actually answer your questions,
I'd recommend you search for Marshall Kirk McCusick's
"Design & Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System".

Other documentation can be found at the Project website,  The Handbook is of general interest, and
there are a number of other books and articles freely available
for download that address other aspects of the operating system,
ranging from mildly technical to rather seriously technical
in nature.

And data is transferred by any of a number of protocols, of
which TCP/IP is the most common; as for "bursts" vs. "bit by
bit", it's neither and both, depending on the nature of your


Kevin Kinsey
FreeBSD user ....

The speed of anything depends on the flow of everything.

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