On 5/8/06, Greg Barniskis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> If you have enough RAM, go ahead and install 5.4 or 6.0 (or soon enough,
> 6.1
>> ).
> This box has 82M of ram, forgot to mention that.

According to the fine manual, you should be able to boot from a
floppy and install 6.0 over FTP.

This is giving me problems for some reason. I've put the floppy images on a
Debian box in my office and dd'd onto a floppy. The boot.flp worked but then
with the kern1.flp - which I dd'd onto the same floppy as boot.flp had gone
on, get this after a while:

zf_read: fill error

readin failed

elf32_loadimage: read failed
Unable to load a kernel!


maybe I'll follow the other path and just install my needed software the old
fashioned way.

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