I just installed FreeBSD 5.0-RC2 and copied most of my configuration
from my 4.7-STABLE partition.  (XFree86 (ati device) kept hanging up,
even after rebuilding the port, but seems OK after a buildworld/kernel.)

My PROBLEM: When I send mail (from Gnus or "mail"), instead of taking
about a second like it used to, the mail sits in
/var/spool/clientmqueue/ for about 90 seconds.  (Unthreaded Gnus hangs
up that long; "mail" returns immediately, but the mail hangs around for
a while.)  Otherwise, the mail seems to work as before.

I've got sendmail_enable="NO", and the two sendmail process seem
to be running the same as before.  I had just copied over /etc/mail
so I tried rebuilding/restarting things in /etc/mail with
    make all
    make install
    make restart
but it didn't change the misbehavior.

Any ideas?

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