martinko wrote:
Robert Huff wrote:
martinko writes:

 i've just upgraded X11 from 6.8.2 to 6.9.0 and run into the
 following issue:
        I have had this:

 if i scroll my mouse wheel too fast, i'm suddenly moving in history
 instead of scrolling the page. one quick finger movement is enough to
 trigger this. very annoying.

<snip R Huff's Xorg.conf>

robert, i'm not sure i got it.
do your options fix the issue pls?

I had some problem very recently that sounds similar.

I came to the conclusion that xorg wasn't playing
nice with moused(8), which I run for console use.

Killing moused before entering a X session is
my current workaround.  I need to find time to look
into it more, but ....

May or may not be the same issue; I wholeheartedly
agree with 'very annoying', though!


and, as i couldn't find them in xorg.conf(5), what do "Buttons" and
"ChordMiddle" do ??

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