> On 5/10/06, Don O'Neil <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> tar cf - /source/* | ( cd /destination && tar xfv - )
>> It copies all the files, but the symbolic links are copied as files of
>> 0 length, rather than re-established as links.
>> What am I doing wrong here, or is my tar broken?

> From: Andy Greenwood [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 6:24 PM
> To: Don O'Neil
> # man tar
> specifically, the -L option

Don O'Neil wrote:
My man says:

 -L number
--tape-length number Change tapes after writing number * 1024 bytes.
Nothing about symbolic links.... Now there is an option --unlink-first and
--dereference... Both of which don't copy the links, but unlink or copy the
actual source file.


And again:

>> What am I doing wrong here, or is my tar broken?

Heh, heh, could be.  Andy is referring to "BSDtar", which
is tar(1) on later releases, and your -L option is from "GNUtar",
which is tar(1) on, IIRC, 4.X and elder, and is now available in
ports as gtar.

As for what's really the problem, I can't say as I can tell.
On my 6.X box, everything works as expected.  For fun, I shelled
into a 4.11 box, and everything works as expected, both my tests
and your example.  Maybe your tar *is* broken.  Or, more likely,
we're both a tad dense ATM.

Kevin Kinsey

What foods these morsels be!

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