On Thursday 11 May 2006 09:37, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> im scratching my head here, and kicking myself for not already having a
> better understanding about how things work during compile (i have 0% skill
> in any programming language... except *basic*html... which dont consider
> worthy of being called a skill *wink*)
> my production system, was recently reinstalled as 6.0-RELEASE, and cvsup'd
> to 6.1-RC (about 1 week or so before 6.1-RELEASE came out).  from ports, i
> installed apache 2.0 just fine, then php5 and php5-extensions, the same way
> i always do.  i even have my own documentation for the exact order i
> compile each port on every production and development system i build.  the
> php5 version listed in pkg_info on my production server says php5-5.1.2_1.
> now, my problem:
> i have a development system that i installed as 6.0-RELEASE, and cvsup'd to
> 6.1-STABLE.  exact same port installation order, apache 2.0, then php5,
> then php5-extensions.  the php5 version listed in pkg_info now says
> php5-5.1.4, and after compiling both ports, the libphp5.so line does not
> appear in httpd.conf, and libphp5.so cannot be found on the system (on my
> production system, both the actual file in /usr/libexec/apache2 and the
> line in httpd.conf appeared automatically).
> i cannot understand where i am going wrong here, can someone shed some
> light for me?
> thanks,
> jonathan
> _______________________________________________

well, i guess i figured it out.  Makefile is not the same as previous 

OPTIONS=        APACHE "Build Apache module" off

i changed it to on, and restarted my compile.  im kind of curious if this is 
something that was intended, or did it slip through release management with 
an improper configuration?

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