On Wed, May 10, 2006 at 04:36:15PM -0700, Timothy Beyer wrote:
> I am curious if this problem has been resolved in 6.1:
> (it was previously on the FreeBSD 6.1 Open Issues page, but I don't
> see it there any more)
> http://www.tr.freebsd.org/releases/6.1R/todo.html
> swapping on 6.0 is slower than on 4.x
> Not done
> "Performance on swap handling is much slower than 4.x and this can make 
> a system essentially unusable when moderate paging activity is going on"
> Has this been resolved, (I did not see anything about it in the 6.1
> release notes, or the errata) or has it been deferred to a future
> release?  (The reason why I ask this is that programs like Firefox and
> Xemacs use up all of my 1 GB of memory and I have noticed problems of
> this nature in 6.0)

The TODO item should have been worded better.  There is anecdotal
evidence that it is slower, but no-one has actually measured it
definitively.  Therefore it will be deferred until the future, after
someone has actual numbers showing whether/how much slower it is, or


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