My Asus WL-167G wireless adapter works out of the box without any settings when 
I installed FreeBSD 6.1 RELEASE. The installer recognized it and I was  able to 
configure it through DHCP effortlessly. Maybe it would have worked in 6.0 If I 
did a fresh install or tried sysinstall.

FreeBSD 6.1 ROCKS!!!! 

Harrison Peter CSA BIRKENHEAD <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: >Thanks for the reply.
>I bought the same Asus WL-167G recently looking at other posts on the internet 
>but I am >unable to get it work.
>It shows up in ifconfig and then when I try to connect to the router it simply 
>does not >work.
>I run the following command
>ifconfig ural0 inet netmask 0xffffff00 ssid DRAGON (my 
>ssid)ifconfig -a shows as "NO CARRIER" but once it showed as "associated" 
>buteven then it did not work (i >tried accessesing the net).My router is not 
>configured for Encryption or anything. I >control securityby the Mac Address 
>of the wireless device.IF you have a step by step >instructions on how to make 
>it work that will be great.I havent spent a whole lot of time >trying to make 
>it work either, so if you have theinstructions handy then its good or >else I 
>will keep trying, shouldnt be
> thatdifficult.Thanks,Rakesh


You may have this sorted by now, but just in case...

The good news is that you have the ural0 device, so now it's just a matter of 

Without encryption the only other thing I needed to specify to ifconfig was the 
channel (check the settings on your router for the channel number):

eg. ifconfig ural0 inet netmask ssid DRAGON channel 1

and I was on the network.

If that doesn't work, check the settings on your router - have you added the 
MAC address to the filter list, and are you sure WEP/WPA is turned off, are you 
in range of the router?

Take a look at this article for info on wireless setup:

Let me know how you get on.

By the way, most people would probably prefer you not to email in HTML - you're 
likely to get a quicker (or any) response if you don't - and copy the list into 
your replies.

Peter Harrison.

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