I've got a i386/6.1 box with only one big root partition.
The problem is that, whenever the machine is not properly shutdown, fsck on boot takes eons.

First of all: I believe that fsck should run in background, but it doesn't. How can I tell why?

Then, back to the heart of the problem, why does it take so long? It's a 9GB SCSI disk and it should be quite fast, although a bit old; it's speed is for sure enough for day to day work. Back in the 5.x times fsck used to last definitely less than 5 minutes. After I upgraded to 6.1 (or maybe after 6.0) it started taking nearly an hour. It just sits there for eons, the disk barely working, and printing a line every minute or so. This regularity makes me think that it might be waiting for something and then just giving up after timeout. *Like* it is trying to syslog, although that deamon has not started yet. This is obviously just an hypotesis, but I thought it might help explain the problem.
Any hint?

 bye & Thanks
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