David Stanford wrote:

"The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Ed." by Greg Lehey and "Absolute BSD" by
Michael Lucas are fantastic books, but are, unfortunately, a little
outdated. "BSD Hacks" is also an extremely useful book, but aimed more
at administrators looking to learn a few tricks of the trade. My
suggestion would be to wait another week or two when "FreeBSD 6
Unleashed" by Brian Tiemann" is released as it will be the most
thorough and up-to-date book out there.

Well, d'oh ... I didn't even notice that "Unleashed" was not yet released! Yeah, I'd say that is the one to buy, then, but I'll probably go ahead and get Lehey's book as well just to have it, as it is so well regarded.

Have you tried PC-BSD? It also installs defaulted with KDE, which I
also am not a fan of, but is really a great fork and looks to have a
bright future ahead.


No, I thought I'd go for DesktopBSD because it seemed, from what I could tell, to be more compatible with FreeBSD -- at least, in the sense that it doesn't introduce a new element to package/port updating and upgrading. But I've read more about PC-BSD and its .pbi system in the past few days owing to its recent release, and it does sound interesting and worth taking a look at. I know some people are skeptical about the whole .pbi thing because of the library duplication, and perhaps other concerns that go over my head. I'm not really sure how big a drawback that is, given that disc space is rarely an issue for people anymore. It's not an issue for me, anyway. There might be a potential for conflicts, though, and I wonder about the possibility of dueling packaging systems causing a problem if you're not careful. Still, it can't hurt to check it out, especially as I'm gonna be waiting a bit for the book anyway.

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