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>Microsoft RDP connections?
> However, there's also the NoMachine NX server/client protocol 
>to look into, which is hailed as a Unix counterpart for RDP. See 
><http://www.nomachine.com/> for a licensed version and 
><http://freenx.berlios.de/> for a GNU opensource version. So if you 
>really want to sell your boss on remote access with FreeBSD, I would 
>look into this solution.

The point was that no matter what he tells his boss, he will get it
shot down.

But he can certainly try.

Usually what happens with these kinds of discussions is someone
will post something similar to what our original poster said, everyone
will replay with lots of well-meaning suggestions, the OP will then
get lit up and go back to his boss or whoever is being obstructive,
and get shot down again.  And most times we never hear from the OP
again with a followup.

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