The best indicator that the ports collection has become to large is
that it took me 2 hours to download the complete port-all collection
using A DSL internet connection. To compile the ports I use took
another 11 hours. This is the reason I went to using packages in the
first place.

Downloading the complete port collection when I had a dial up
connection would go maybe 35 min and them get suspended by the cvs
site. I would rerun the job over and over again sometimes taking a
week or better to finally get it completed. This makes the download
of the complete port collect almost impossible for dial up users.

On 6.0 I installed all the ports I use by the package method in less
than 10 min. In 6.1 release changes were made that no longer allow
packages to work with ports as dependents.

Packages have to have the ability to give the installer the ability
to select the dependents versions for such primary applications as
php3/4/5 mysql3/4/5. Also the ports and packages have to return to
being able to work together like in FreeBSD versions older than 6.1.
Or more versions of certain ports that interface with other primary
application have to be carried in the collection.

The design of the working collection needs to be made more user
friendly for everybody including the dial up users. Some very good
ideas have been put forth and should get serious attention by the
FreeBSD foundation management.

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