On 5/19/06, Peter Michaux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I am doing a little better my second time through installation. I am
in section 5.4.2 of the handbook[1] for installing x11 using xorg.
(The handbook seems to need a bit of an update for 6.1-RELEASE.)

76. run the command "Xorg -config"
    it says that it detected my moust at /dev/sysmouse
    it says that my xorg.conf file is "/root/"
77. the handbook says to run this command next "Xorg -config"
    this didn't work. I got a core pointer missing error
78. after step 76 the computer screen said to run "X -config
/root/". I tried this and this command worked a bit. I
could see a little bit of and x windows screen and could move the
cursor around with the mouse.

Now I am completely stuck. I have a grey screen and an 'x' shaped
cursor I can move.

What do I do?



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