Grant Peel wrote:

The idea is to try NOT to fill up the filesystem and crap out duing the upgrade.

664M    ./src
303M    ./ports

Remove those two if you're doing an upgrade using the discs. If you're building the upgrade from source, you obviously can't do that. If adding a drive is an option, then it becomes easy - put /usr/ports /usr/src and /usr/obj on the new drive and be done with it.

If it helps any, here's some output from a 6.1RC:

[EMAIL PROTECTED](/usr)# du -h -d1
2.0K    ./.snap
13G    ./ports
418M    ./src
24M    ./bin
14M    ./include
49M    ./lib
92K    ./libdata
15M    ./libexec
2.8G    ./local
13M    ./sbin
172M    ./share
180K    ./games
885M    ./X11R6
154M    ./compat
743M    ./obj
14G    ./home
31M    ./sup
2.3M    ./lost+found
32G    .
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