> Well I want to get IMAP running on my FreeBSD box and would like to have a
> safe, non service-interrupting strategy to implementing it.

What do you mean "non service-interrupting strategy"? If you have
already POP3 installed and running, there is good chance that
installing IMAP will install another POP3 and at some stage it may
create sirvice disturbances.

> 1) Can somebody please recommend a good FAQ about how-to get IMAP
> running my FreeBSD machine?

Install from /usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd23 for example

> 2)    Are there things I should be aware of before I start the
> process?

None that I can think off.

> 3) I don’t completely understand how IMAP works – is there a
> good tutorial about this subject?

IMAP is a protocols that allows you to READ your email. Your IMAP
client will connect to your IMAP server and retreive emails from your
mailbox. IMAP also allows you to retreive mails from mail folders.

> 4) I don’t completely understand how local mail delivery will
> change – is there a good tutorial about this subject?

IMAP does not interract with mail delivery. Once mail is delivered
into your mailbox, IMAP allows you to read it.

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