Derek Ragona wrote:
> go to and download a suitable verision.  There are many
> floppy images there.  For instance the win98 diskette version, when
> booted creates a ramdrive you can switch to, then change the usb disk. 
> Or boot with two usb drives inserted, the bootable one and the one with
> the BIOS flash utility.

Will DOS be able to load USB devices? I thought this only worked when I
booted off the device using some BIOS magic.

> Or use a winpe bootable CD.  You can find one and information at:
>  You can customize the image you build
> including your Windows BIOS utility.

This requires Windows, I think.

> Or buy or borrow a USB floppy drive.

Bah! I'd rather not buy new hardware just for this one predicament.

This is what I have readily available:

 - Computer running FreeBSD
 - USB CDRW-drive
 - 512 MiB USB flash drive
 - A 1.44 MiB FreeDOS floppy image with 111 kiB free space
 - A FreeDOS iso9660 image
 - A 784 kiB DOS executable for flashing my BIOS

Using these I need to make some sort of bootable DOS device (either CD
or USB flash drive) that contains the above mentioned BIOS upgrade utility.

Could I either:

 - Get the BIOS utility onto the ISO file without braking the boot code
 - Use the floppy image to make a bootable USB disk somehow?

        Svein Halvor

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