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Hi Chris,

I have many of the same questions. SATA is plenty fast for home systems and modern drives are smoking stuff that was enterprise class just a few years ago. 'twas ever thus.

Cables are a nightmare IMHO. This was by far the reason I've been a big fan of SCSI for a long time. You can make a pretty effective and tidy Raid system by custom making a short length daisy chain scsi cable. I have not explored this recently but used to do this ~5 + years ago for non-raid applications. We used to run into device compatibility problems on the SCSI bus though so same drive mfg might be a good idea. Perhaps things have improved.

I'd rather run 5 SATA cables then one SCSI cable (say 68pin) with multiple heads... The darn SCSI cables are so thick, comparatively, that running them in your case is a lot harder :-)


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