Why is Postfix getting the messages from localhost? An antivirus or

    Where is the line telling the message was delivered? This is a
    complete log for a message going through our gateway
At home I don't run the mail server on my firewall. It's running on a box behind the firewall.

Below is a message coming back from [EMAIL PROTECTED] that states "another request must be
sent in with an authorization key, which has been sent to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]" Except that second email never arrives.

Dec 28 22:02:18 spike postfix/smtpd[14897]: connect from localhost.spike[]
Dec 28 22:02:18 spike postfix/smtpd[14897]: 3EC35369C: client=localhost.spike[]
Dec 28 22:02:18 spike postfix/cleanup[14898]: 3EC35369C: message-id=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Dec 28 22:02:18 spike postfix/qmgr[90891]: 3EC35369C: from=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, size=4095, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Dec 28 22:02:18 spike spamd[248]: connection from localhost.spike [] at port 3727
Dec 28 22:02:18 spike spamd[14904]: processing message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for jim:1001, expecting 4131 bytes.
Dec 28 22:02:18 spike postfix/smtpd[14897]: disconnect from localhost.spike[]
Dec 28 22:02:21 spike spamd[14904]: clean message (1.1/5.0) for jim:1001 in 3.1 seconds, 4131 bytes.
Dec 28 22:02:21 spike postfix/local[14900]: 3EC35369C: to=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, relay=local, delay=3, status=sent ("|/usr/local/bin/procmail")

Now when I try to subscribe I don't even get the first email back. Perhaps I've angered Majordomo and it's blackballed me. :)

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