> I put a11d015.neo.rr.com as my hostname in Postfix and everything
 > seems to work well, except I tried to subscribe to the questions list
 > with this new setup but it doesn't seem to work. I get a response
 > from majordomo saying that it is sending another email to my address
 > as an authorization key but that email never arrives.
 > Any ideas?

     Hmm... What's in a11d015.neo.rr.com:/var/log/maillog ?
When I send an email to majordomo this is in the log:

Dec 30 09:33:57 spike postfix/smtp[63074]: AEE193690:
to=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, relay=smtp-server.neo.rr.com[],
delay=2, status=sent (250 2.0.0 gBUEXsTp003928 Message accepted for

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