Lorin Lund wrote:
I'm running 6.1-RELEASE i386.  Generic kernel.
The wireless 'card' is a built-in Broadcom 802.11 b/g
My PC is a Compaq V2607CL Turion based notebook

I downloaded a driver kit from HP.  It created
In that folder I found
and lots of other files.

The .INF file was UNICODE.  But as far as I can tell the only
special characters were in the
section for various countries. I cut off all the other countries leaving just US and
forced it to ASCII.
ndiscvt gave no error messages.

 make install
gave no error messages.

I added an ndis linen to loader.conf to load the .ko

dmesg shows no error messages. But it doesn't show ndis0: being recognized either.

When I manually try
 kldload ndis
it says it is already loaded.

When I try
 ifconfig -a
there is no ndis:
When I try
 ifconfig ndis0:
it says there is no interface.

I don't know what else to try.
Try using ndisgen to make the wrapper. ndisgen should create a bcwml5_sys.ko file in the directory, then you need to copy that file to /boot/kernel/ After that in your loader.conf add bcmwl5_sys_load="YES" along with the ndis_load="YES". I beleive that the old way of creating the ndis drivers is either broken, or being faded out for ndisgen.

I have the same wireless cards and this is the way i did it. So it should work.
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