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Chris Maness wrote:

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, Greg Barniskis wrote:

Chris Maness wrote:
I just installed 6.1 and upgraded to RELEASE-p1.  The command
dmesg is not displaying any kernel messages, any suggestions?
Suggests all is well?

dmesg outputs stuff from the current system message buffer, which
contains your boot messages right after booting but those can get
flushed over time. Boot messages are saved to a file though, for

more /var/run/dmesg.boot

I just thought it was strange because every other system I have it
at least displays dmesg.boot if there is no other messages.  Is this
new behavior for 6.1?
Not new behavior. A dmesg on any of my running systems (4.x, 5.x)
returns nothing after a time. You were just catching it before the
buffer was flushed. I don't know what triggers that, and it is
possible that the trigger/timing of it may have changed in 6.x (and as
always, YMMV).

Interesting.  Does "dmesg -a" show anything different?

Sure. On a mail server, -a reveals tons of SMTP timed out messages (primarily spammers who cut and run when 550'd). On a firewall, -a shows tons of ipfw log messages. On a web server, -a shows mainly ssh login (and su) success/failure.

Chris Howells wrote:
dmesg is not flushed here.

Hmmm.... interesting. It has always eventually flushed around here, which prompted me to read the dmesg man page, which pointed me at /var/run/dmesg.boot.

I never really thought about it much after that, and really still don't think it too odd... but if anyone thinks the behavior is erratic and in need of troubleshooting, I'll try to answer any other questions about my setup.

But I don't see anywhere that the man page says "dmesg will always report the boot messages no matter what". It says it reads the system message buffer, and when something is a buffer I immediately think of it as a temporary thing. YMMV, obviously.

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