On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, randall ehren wrote:

> not to stray too far, but if IPFW is set to allow all incoming packets and is
> only used for shaping, and you have ipfilter handling nat, then it seems it
> would just be:
>  network card --> IPFW (traffic shape) --> IPF (filter+nat) --> userland
>  i guess an internally NAT address would go back out as:
>   IPF --> IPFW --> network card

We actually found it goes:

Internal Net -> NIC -> IPF+NAT -> IPFW -> World
World -> IPF+NAT -> IPFW -> NIC -> Internal net

After seeing this, I didn't even bother to see what the interal side of
the router processed as. I'm sure it would have given me a headache trying
to set up the runs.

Suffice to say, IPF+NAT always sees the packets first (at least on the
outer side of the router)

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