> I haven't seen FBSD 4.7 system with uptime > 1000 days, for quite
> obvious reasons.. Should I recommend everyone to install FBSD 2.2.8
> since it has good uptime records? :)

Sorry to step into the middle of a thread here, but to me it says that
FreeBSD has had, and likely continues to have, a very good development and
testing process for several years now, if not longer.  This is my
justification for using FreeBSD for all of my core services while my users
demand Linux on the desktop.

# uname -a
FreeBSD buzby 4.4-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE #3: Thu Sep 20 13:16:52 PDT 2001     
root@buzby:/usr/src/sys/compile/PRI-NIS  i386
# uptime 
8:29PM  up 433 days, 11:24, 1 user, load averages: 0.01, 0.00, 0.00

 - Mike

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