On Sat, Jan 04, 2003 at 02:31:48AM +0000, Lee Harr wrote:
> >The mozilla port installs a wrapper script at
> >/usr/X11R6/bin/mozilla that only launches mozilla the first time it
> >is
> >called, and after that passes commands to the running instance.
> Hmm... yup. I am pretty sure that is what I am using.
> I updated to 1.1 soon after it came out, maybe I should try the
> latest version of the port. Thanks.

Or just create your own script to do that:

phoenix -remote 'xfeDoCommand(openBrowser)' || phoenix

(The second line should be one long line)

Substitute 'mozilla' for 'phoenix' if that's what you're using (but
if you don't need Mozilla mail, chat, etc. -- get Phoenix).


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