I've been having problems recently trying to login as a local user
when my YP/NIS server is unavailable.  This is essentially to me as the
machine in question is a laptop and is required to work without the

  I have a local user (lewiz2) and a NIS/YP user (lewiz).  When I am
away from the network I use lewiz2, which has a homedir synchronized
with lewiz.  When I return I resynchronize.  This works perfectly.

  However, I have come to find a problem in some code in login.c
(usr.bin/login).  I have an up-to-date login.c (from 1859 today
(04/01/03)) and the code is from line 598 to line 601.  It reads:

if (setusercontext(lc, pwd, pwd->pw_uid, LOGIN_SETGROUP) != 0) {
        syslog(LOG_ERR, "setusercontext() failed - exiting");

  This means nothing to me but I have found that it causes local logins
(which have _nothing_ to do with NIS/YP whatsoever) to hang for a long
time.  I am wondering if there is any way I can work around this problem
(without commenting out the code) and if this could be considered a

  Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as it's been
causing me problems for ages ;)

  Many thanks,


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