Imran Imtiaz wrote:
I wanna ask does squid queue the requests if there are to many already to
serve cause I've slow internet connection and sometimes where there is to
much load the I can't see the requests coming from my computer being served
by hit I've seen this from access.log of squid. Is there a way to improve
this thing we can have threading in this case or something else to server ?

Squid will serve many requests in parallel, but it is using select() rather than explicit multithreading. If you've provided enough RAM and disk space to Squid, it ought to improve the performance you get over a slow link by a decent amount (20-50% is not uncommon), but you have to tune it appropriately to get the best results...

It's also not uncommon for sites which use a lot of dynamic advertising to prevent downloading in parallel from working as it should, and you'll see the page hang download some ad image...

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