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> I'm trying to set up a vinum mirrored plex on my 4.7-STABLE (cvsup-ed as
> of yesterday, 1/3) system.  I have 3 30GB drives.  Currently, only the
> first disk is being used.  This disk has all the system along with all
> my digital photos and videos.  I'd like to mirror the other two 30GB
> drives and move the digital photos and videos there, so that if one
> drive were to die, I'd still have these important pictures and videos.
> There is one (I hope) bit of strangeness about this system.    I was initially
> using a Promise FastTrack 100 (pdc20267 chip) card.  Since I was having
> problems with this, I recently got a cheap Maxtor adapter card.  This
> Maxtor card looks to be a relabeled Promise card with the pdc20269 chip.
> The problem below is the same, regardless of which card is used.

    hmm, why are you trying to create a software mirror if you have a
    card that does that?  you use vinum when you don't have a RAID card.
    you don't need it when you do have one.

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