I am writing to you because I need to vent. I have tried installing version 5.3 
of FreeBSD on a Pentium III machine. I thought I succeeded in doing it so, but 
when I tried to build xOrg I realized that I did not have all the ports 
installed and that some other dependencies were also missing. I realized then 
that the installation had not been as successful as I first thought.
So, I tried to re-install the ports from the CD, since I didn't have an 
Internet connection to that machine. Well, I kept getting more and more 
hardware/software errors. I then tried to upgrade FreeBSD to version 6.1. And 
that was what I did; I tried.

Well, I kept getting more errors, as usual. The more I tried to 
install/reinstall/upgrade/fix FreeBSD, the more I was realizing that anything 
that had to do with FreeBSD that could go wrond would go wrong, be it the 
software installation or hardware behavior. The amount of work and headache 
that I have been experiencing to move a single 'inch' towards a working Unix 
environment has been enourmously frustating. The worst part of it all is that I 
have not accomplished anything tangible at all. 

I think now it is time for this boy to abandon the 'Unix' bandwagon for good 
and move back to MS Windows. At least I will be able to concentrate on doing 
real productive work, instead of dealing with temperamental hardware and 
software every time I touch the PC.

Good luck to those heroic individuals who stick with the configuration fight to 
the end. I failed to see the 'Power to Serve'. 


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