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On Thursday, 29 June 2006 at 22:51:00 -0400, Fernando Pinguelo wrote:
> I am writing to you because I need to vent. I have tried installing
> version 5.3 of FreeBSD on a Pentium III machine. I thought I
> succeeded in doing it so, but when I tried to build xOrg I realized
> that I did not have all the ports installed and that some other
> dependencies were also missing. I realized then that the
> installation had not been as successful as I first thought.
> So, I tried to re-install the ports from the CD, since I didn't have
> an Internet connection to that machine. Well, I kept getting more and
> more hardware/software errors. I then tried to upgrade FreeBSD to
> version 6.1. And that was what I did; I tried.

If you have hardware problems, you'll run into trouble installing

> Well, I kept getting more errors, as usual. The more I tried to
> install/reinstall/upgrade/fix FreeBSD, the more I was realizing that
> anything that had to do with FreeBSD that could go wrond would go
> wrong, be it the software installation or hardware behavior. The
> amount of work and headache that I have been experiencing to move a
> single 'inch' towards a working Unix environment has been enourmously
> frustating. The worst part of it all is that I have not accomplished
> anything tangible at all.
> I think now it is time for this boy to abandon the 'Unix' bandwagon
> for good and move back to MS Windows. At least I will be able to
> concentrate on doing real productive work, instead of dealing with
> temperamental hardware and software every time I touch the PC.

You really can't blame FreeBSD for temperamental hardware.  And if
you're used to Microosft, of course it will seem a little strange at
first.  But this mailing list isn't for venting your spleen, it's for
getting help.  Go and read "The Complete FreeBSD"
(http://grog.evilcode.net/book.pdf.gz), then if you still have
problems, report them here with details of what went wrong.

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