I'm having a tough time creating the two 6.1-release
installation CD's. I was told that it was best to go to


and download the 6.1 RELEASE disc1 and disc2 ISO images in Windows, 
and use your favorite toaster to rip CDs. (My CD 'toaster' is Nero OEM
Then boot from disc1 to install. When I attempt to do this, it's like
the CD is either empty or unreadable. I'd love to know what I'm doing
wrong. I've tried this 4 times now and it's a bit frustrating. I have
the .ISO files in my recycle bin. Is there a way for me to convert them
to CD images from which I can boot my Windows XP system and install
FreeBSD in my available 20 GB primary partition?

        Walt Haynes

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