I've not had to do this on a Unix system before. But now I have Apache running as nobody and have php scripts creating and writing to directories. The files it creates have the default mask rw-r-r and I want to change it to rw-rw-- so I can remove the files and dirs with group write permissions
via ftp.
I'm using default csh.
I don't remember where to find this info in Complete FreeBSD, or other sources.
How do you change the default mask for a user like Apache on a Unix system?
(I assume there is a separate default for both files and directories.)
Other wise I have to manually cd into each directory, remove the files as root, cd back, remove the dir, cd to the next, etc. It could add up to hundreds of
directories with multiple hundreds of files to remove.
Maybe I could practice shell scripting with this, or modify the php code to unlink the files and remove the dirs. But i may need to save some for future reference.

thanks in advance;

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