I was afraid you wouldn't understand how the problem works. The chacters work on this computer, or i wouldn't be able to work daily with it, but at times they just get stuck and refuse to work temporarily until i let go of the alt gr key and try again. At rare times i can let go of the alt gr key to try again but they wont work until after two or three attempts. I doubt this is happening at random so i would like to say it happens when i type fast and change key combinations fast but sometimes it happens when i type slower to. I think it has something to do with me using shift just before i switch over and use alt gr, i think i'm simply switching over too fast. Actually, now that i said that, i just tried it in the thunderbird application where i'm writing this e-mail and i was able to reproduce the problem by typing a bunch of uppercase characters holding the shift key down and then directly trying to type [ using alt gr+8 on my keyboard. What happened was i got no character output for the [ character and after holding it for a while i heard a beep, then i let go of alt gr and 8 was output.

It's probably because shift+8 is supposed to produce the ( character while alt gr+8 produces the [ character so there's some kinda conflict when i don't let go of shift fast enough. My theory is that i was so used to Windows after years of using it that this happened to me a lot. I also suspect that the Windows driver that handles this is more developed in the sense that you can hit shift+alt gr+8 but if those keys have no kombination in that order it simply takes the last keys which had a combination and uses them, alt gr+8 that is. I'm just guessing of course.

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Stefan Midjich aka nocturnal
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Erik Nørgaard wrote:
nocturnal wrote:

Well i usually use vim and it's hard to know if it happens in other
applications, because i use vim so much compared to the other
applications and also because i mostly write those characters in vim. I
do use FreeBSD at home to and i can't remember any problems from writing
e-mails or chatting on irc. I use rxvt for all my terminal applications.
Of course this could simply mean i don't use those characters much in
those applications. I used to use nedit, before vim, and i am sure i had
the same problem in nedit.

Well, could you to narrow in on the problem try and test these things?

0th: Tell us your keyboard settings in XF86Config (model and layout)

1st: List the characters that you have problem with - obviously you need
a computer that doesn't suffer this problem :)

2nd: Try to type all these characters with the correct key-combinations,

- In the console
- In xterm
- In vi (not vim)
- In xemacs/emacs
- In firefox or thunderbird - any place you can type

Then maybe someone can point you closer to the solution.

Cheers, Erik

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