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Er, no, unless I am much mistaken  it doesn't imply that at all (see man
ataraid).  FreeBSD handles plenty of "software" (metadata only) RAIDs,
though I believe that an archive search will turn up that the sil3112 is
possibly the worst such RAID ever and was a poor choice of RAID card,
however cheap.  Try google.   SiL are listed among the controllers
supported by ataraid on 6.1 so I would expect the RAID to be recognised
even if it performed badly.

Of course you are right in all the points!:( I know it now, at the moment of
buy I didn't know
what chip is used  in the Tekram TR-822.. I was very surprised when I see
chip name...

I don'e think that is the solution worst, but problem is different metadata
formats in different BIOSes...
Initially I asked who uses sil3112 and hasn't pronlems:)

Today I will try to update flash bios to some older version, but it's
designed for linux...
I hope FreeBSD driver recongnise it's metadata format...

I've not used such a RAID so perhaps some specific action with

atacontrol is required.

I see at least two problems:
1. If I create raid1 or raid0 using atacontrol create bla-bla-bla then I
see new device -- ar0.
After paririoning&labeling I try to newfs it... FreeBSD hungs in same moment
without any warnings...
2. If I create raid1 or raid0 using bios utility of sil3112 then FreeBSD
driver doesn'y recognise this metadata.
It's just see disk drives and nothing more....:(

You might have more luck with answers to your problems on the hardware list, and failing that you could ask sos@ regarding metadata problems. Changing the metadata format between BIOS updates seems pretty scummy and obviously if FreeBSD expects one format and you have some other format, it won't work :-( However, I believe the sil3112 has problems beyond this and is just a bad controller.

Here's a reference from sos@ who wrote the driver and knows what he's talking about:

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