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>>>> Subject: Internal mail server
>>>> Here is my problem:
>>>>    I have a lab with students that is going to be taught how
>>>> to use an email client(Outlook). I want to set them up on an
>>>> internal server that will not be visible from the outside
>>>> world(Internet). I have the mail server setup using qmail and
>>>> freebsd4.7. I also want to use a fake domain name, i.e.
>>>> labcomps.net,.org,.com whatever, so that I will be able to
>>>> send email within the class and no email will go outside or
>>>> from the outside to the inside.
>>> Ironically, i just finished doing exactly that, if I understand you
>>> correctly.
>>>> Questions:
>>>> 1. Can I setup a dns server to do this with the fake domain
>>>> name and not be visible to the outside?
>>> Yup.  I set up a DNS server on my lan to respond to my fake domain.
>>> Sorry, I used a friend's DNS configuration as a guide, so I cannot
>>> give too many examples.  I did check the freebsd handbook for many
>>> small items for dns though.  Just make sure your hostname matches the
>>> dns stuff to make life easier.
>>>> 2. Has somebody done this type of setup before and have any
>>>> online documentation that I could follow?
>>> Qmail:
>>> http://logicsquad.net/freebsd/qmail-how-to.html
>>>> 3. Can somebody tell me if this is even a possibility?
>>>> Thank You,
>>>> Jon
>> Excellent! This is what I was hoping I would hear. The one question I
>> forgot to ask is probably the most important one. The lab computers
>> get their IP's from dhcp on the external router so that they can surf
>> the Internet for other classes that they have. These are all win98
>> clients, so after I put up the dns server would I just have to
>> configure the lab computers to also look at the internal dns that I
>> created with the fake domain name to be able to do the mx lookups?
>> Would this cause any problems for the lab computers to get to the
>> Internet and still be able to use the fake dns server setup for mail?
>> Jon
> Not a problem at all.  Just give named authority over the 'fake' domain
> and give it some forwarders (in example named.conf file supplied with
> FreeBSD).  Then point all the m$ clients at the internal dns.  Added
> bonus...  it'll cache the results and depending on how dns was
> previously set up you could see some reduction in external lookups.
Thanks to all who have given me advice on this question. I hope most of
you will be up at around 2:30am Alaska time as this is when I will
probably run into my errors and questions. 8^) I have my O'reilly DNS and
Bind book and Gregs FreeBSD Handbook plus I can use sample configs from my
own dns server and any other doc I can find. If any one else has more
suggestions I would appreciate any and all. I have to try and have this
setup by Monday morning and will use every reference I can find. Thanks
again, signing up to this list has been a godsend to me.


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