Hello. I'm brand new to FreeBSD. I'm mostly enjoying it so far. I'm playing with installing the Eclipse IDE port right now. I say playing with because I started to install it and saw the list of dependencies and shuddered. I like to keep my system relatively clean and tend to start a new install of Linux (and now BSD) as bare bones and add only what I need.

So I'm building Eclipse, and one of the things it wants to include is python . Seems odd for my java ide to need python, so I look it up on the web tool that shows all the dependencies for a port (which is a fantastic tool, by the way). And python is included because glade is included, and glade seems to be a top-level dependency. However, nowhere can I find in the Makefile any reference to Glade, nor to the many other "top-level" dependencies. How do I find out these things and once I find them, how do I change them so I don't include? (Mozilla is another example, but this one I actually see in the Makefile for the Eclipse port. However, make config and make configure don't ask me if I want mozilla -- I use firefox).

This applies generally. I installed other ports too that had odd dependencies (like including perl because of some helper scripts that aren't even required to be run). Is there a command I'm missing that let's me configure these things?

On a side note, is the name "pretty-print-build-depends-list" designed to keep me from running the command? ;-) And after typing all that, the output wasn't really even pretty.

thanks for any tips. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've been using FreeBSD only two days now. Currently I run slackware.

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