Hi people.

 Im testing how to run scripts from cron using the crontab program,
the handbook say tha each user need to have a crontab file if they
want to run some process with the cron program:

user-x$ crontab -e

*/1     *       *       *       *       user-x         /bin/echo "Testing"

went the user finish and save the file the system say:

"/tmp/crontab.JIh2pM4Ey5" 5 lines, 120 characters
crontab: installing new crontab

Them i use the flag -l to see that user crontab file:

root# crontab -l -u user-x

*/1     *       *       *       *       user-x         /bin/echo "Testing"

Them the handbook say that the root user must add the user crontab file:

root#crontab /var/cron/tabs/user-x_crontab_file

But here the crontab add the crontab to user root, ok no problem just
what to see this think works, but still dosent see any mail to root,
them i run again the command but using the flag -u user-x:

root#crontab -u user-x /var/cron/tabs/user-x_crontab_file

My cron program is running, i stop and restart the cron daemon but
still dont see any answer.

I read some mails from this list but my system still dont run my test job.

I forget something...? Thanks for your time.

Running FreeBSD_5.4-p16.
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