Marwan Sultan wrote:
> hey guys!
> thanks for all of you, it was the fbsd boot loader, as eric suggested.
> now its booting,
> BUT :(
> during booting it givis the following error
> Warning: System tempreture too high shutting down soon!
> acpi_tz1: Warning current tempreture (0.0c) exceeds safe limits
> and it shuts down immediatly.
> i checked my bios setup, you know some bios has tempr. option. but this
> laptop
> doesnot have such am option.

The boot menu should allow you to boot without the acpi module, try
that. if your system does not support acpi - or the system acpi is not
supported by freebsd then you might get such errors.

If this works then you just gotta figure out making it default.

cheers erik

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