Hi all,

I installed all the libraries mentioned on k3b.org, including mandatory and 
optional (actually, excluding two of the optional libraries - libmusicbrainz 
and hal). I used the latest versions of all the libraries, and k3b as well.
FreeBSD version 6.1.

"./configure" runs without error messages.

But when I run "make", it fails with the error message as follows:

make  all-recursive
Making all in doc
Making all in libk3bdevice
/usr/local/bin/bash ../libtool --silent --mode=link --tag=CXX g++  
-Wno-long-long -Wundef -Wall -W -Wpointer-arith -O2 -Wno-non-virtual-dtor 
-fno-exceptions -fno-check-new -fno-common -fpermissive    -o libk3bdevice.la 
-rpath /usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -version-info 2:1:0 
-no-undefined k3bdevice.lo  k3bdevice_mmc.lo k3bscsicommand.lo  k3btrack.lo 
k3btoc.lo k3bdevicemanager.lo  k3bmsf.lo k3bdiskinfo.lo k3bdeviceglobals.lo  
k3bcrc.lo k3bcdtext.lo -lkio  -lcam  -lm -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib
libtool: link: cannot find the library `'
*** Error code 1
Stop in...

The name of the library, which cannot be found, appears empty in the message.

Maybe, I should try some configuration options?
If someone here faced a similar problem and solved it, or just know how to 
approach the problem, their advice would be highly appreciated.
I can provide all the results shown on the screen during "configure" and 
"make", if it is useful for targeting the problem.

Many thanks to all in advance.
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