Chuck Swiger wrote:
Lou Gordon wrote:
Hi my 2U server rack has 2-250 gig hard drives and we can only see one of
them. I had my upgrade store do a diagnostic and in Windows it sees both 250
Gig drives. I am in San Francisco, CA and I don't know any tech that has
experience with this kind of OS issue. Please help if you can. I can be
reached at the number below.

Not enough information, I'm afraid. Try posting the contents of dmesg and "pciconf -lv", along with at least a basic description of what your hardware is and what version of FreeBSD you are using.

Or, as an alternative to the above, see:

and ask for some help from a vendor/consultant.  I'd think
there'd be a lot of FBSD "gurus" in the SF area, though not
as many as, perhaps, Berkeley? ;-)

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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