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Hello gurus,

Can someone help me setting up my wireless device on my laptop
im on 6.1R, I tried to do as instructed on handbook, but no luck.
My laptop suppose to be the client, and i have a netgear wireless modem
router up and running.
How to make the freebsd see the router have the ip, and make the device up?

from dmesg
ugen0: Broadcom Corp HP Integrated Module

ugen is the generic usb device driver that gets attached if a specific
driver for the device is not available. I don't think you will be able
to do anything useful with it (it seems to be intended more for
developers to use while experimenting with a device).

There is a tool called ndiscvt that will take a Windows NDIS device
driver and wrap it up in an interface that allows it to be used as a
FreeBSD driver. Most likely, you will need to do that to get your
interface working. Instructions are in section of the
FreeBSD Handbook (buried in one of the sections someone has already

In 6.1 there is a script called ndisgen that automates the process
described in the Handbook. You will probably find it much easier to
read its man page and use it instead of using ndiscvt directly. The
instructions amount to "become root, run ndisgen, do what it says."

Once you have successfully built and loaded the NDIS driver, it will
by default show up as ndis0 when you do an ifconfig. Once that
happens, the rest should be easy.

- Bob
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