hi, i need general information setting my harddrive for a
desktop/workstation system...
currently my system is set in the following way:

/               1.2 Gb
/usr            6   Gb
/swap           500 Mb
/mnt/dos        12  Gb

i now know that 1.5 Gb is a little too much for "/"
/usr got filled up pretty fast - i run many applications..and file
sharing applications

my real question here is what slice should i make to hold applications
that will survive after an upgrade of the system....
some applications are installed under /usr/X11R6/bin....while some are
under /usr/local/bin......and some under other places....i've read the
handbook and it gives no useful information ( well, at least in a
language i can understand)...and also looked for some info in the "unix
bible" book....  

if anyone can reply with any information on how to install applications
in one place only it would be a great help....i know that PREFIX has to
be set with a configure script but what about configuration files......
thanks in advance
Ilan Y.

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