Ilan y. wrote:
hi, i need general information setting my harddrive for a
desktop/workstation system...
currently my system is set in the following way:

/		1.2 Gb
/usr		6   Gb
/swap		500 Mb
/mnt/dos	12  Gb
The swap size depends on the size of your RAM. I use at least ramsize sized swap spaces. Usually 100M should be more than enough for /, but I strongly recomment either to create a /var slice or a link from /var -> /usr/var (you should know the consequences when doing that or - if not - don't do it)

i now know that 1.5 Gb is a little too much for "/"
/usr got filled up pretty fast - i run many applications..and file
sharing applications

my real question here is what slice should i make to hold applications
that will survive after an upgrade of the system....
some applications are installed under /usr/X11R6/bin....while some are
under /usr/local/bin......and some under other places....i've read the
handbook and it gives no useful information ( well, at least in a
language i can understand)...and also looked for some info in the "unix
bible" book....
The applications doesn't matter - you reinstall them anytime. Backup your configuration! (/etc/, /usr/local/etc/, /usr/X11R6/etc/, /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/ (selective))

if anyone can reply with any information on how to install applications
in one place only it would be a great help....i know that PREFIX has to
be set with a configure script but what about configuration files......
thanks in advance
Ilan Y.

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