jan gestre wrote:
> On 7/22/06, Dave <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     I would recommend dovecot. It's capable of both imap as well as pop if
>> you later want to add that and can do encrypted versions of those
>> protocols
>> as well. Dovecot is also in my opinion much easier to configure and less
>> resource intensive than other imap servers.
>>     If i can be of any assistance let me know.
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
> i second it, dovecot works great, try it.

I'm not into starting a flaming session, but dovecot's indexing/caching
capabilities are the only things that make it fast. Am I right? Well, it
is also written in C. I came across a few posts[1][2], though they're
old, saying that everything depends on e-mail clients as well.

I'm responsible for 2 courier-imap in production and about to start
working on a new one. This and previous threads regarding dovecot caught
my attention and it sounds interesting. However, what good is there
having indexes on IMAP server and on local machine?

I realised that my Thunderbird keeps record of all my folders and their
contents. So roughly I've got ~800MB of e-mails on IMAP and 12MB of
indexes in Thunderbird's profile. Also, apparently Outlook 2003 caches
absolutely everything. I've seen accounts with 2.9GB worth of e-mails on
IMAP and generated outlook.pst as big as 950MB. Maybe dovecot's indexing
features would be great in webmail environments?

Maybe I just got lost somewhere. Any input would be highly appreciated.


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