> Hi, nothing special.  But for smb support, I mean compile it 
> into the kernel.  Try adding
> device          ichsmb
> device          smb
> device          smbus
> device          intpm
> to your kernel and then see if mbmon picks up the info.
>          ---Mike 

Thx Mike, no luck there either:

sonata# mbmon -d
ioctl(smb0:writebyte): Device not configured

sonata# mbmon -D
Probe Request: none
>>> Testing Reg's at SMBus <<<
 SMBus slave 0x0C(0x06) found...
 SMBus slave 0x2E(0x17) found...
 SMBus slave 0x44(0x22) found...
 SMBus slave 0x52(0x29) found...
 SMBus slave 0x8C(0x46) found...
 SMBus slave 0xAE(0x57) found...
 SMBus slave 0xC4(0x62) found...
Set SMBus slave address: 0x52
Probing Winbond/Asus/LM78/79 chip:
  CR40:0x7F,  CR41:0x98,  CR42:0x00,  CR43:0x00
  CR44:0x00,  CR45:0x00,  CR46:0x00,  CR47:0x00
  CR48:0x04,  CR49:0x4B,  CR4A:0x00,  CR4B:0x00
  CR4C:0x00,  CR4D:0x00,  CR4E:0x00,  CR4F:0x00
  CR56:0x00,  CR58:0x00,  CR59:0x00,  CR5D:0x01
  CR3E:0x10,  CR13:0x01,  CR17:0x60,  CRA1:0xFF
  CR20:0x60,  CR22:0x40,  CR23:0x40,  CR24:0x00
  CR27:0x00,  CR29:0x37,  CR2A:0x46,  CR2B:0x30
ioctl(smb0:writebyte): Device not configured



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