> I've recently been experiencing lock ups with the three
> servers that I've upgraded to 6.x ... one of which is <1 year
> old, the other two are 3 years old ... after getting
> everything setup with DDB, to the point that I could provide
> some very detailed traces, and core dumps, it looks like the
> problem is the one thing common between all three servers:
> the iir driver ... the two older machines are running Intel
> 0CH RAID controllers, the newer one an ICP Vortex card ...
> both were rock solid machines under 4.x ...

I don't have lockups on my 6.0 server, but I confirm there is something strange 
with the iir driver. On dmesg.*, I can read

iir0: Bus B: The SCSI controller successfully recovered from a SCSI BUS issue.  
The issue may still be present on the BUS.  Check cables, termination, 
termpower, LVDS operation, etc
iir0: SCSI-B, ID 3: MPI returned 0x00000048

I have an INTEL SRCU42L raid board.

Maybe that's REALLY a cable problem I have here?

Philippe Lang
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