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> Official word from Adaptec is that FreeBSD is no longer a supported 
> platform, so, I either live with the deadlocks, or try and figure out a 
> suitable replacement for the card ...

That's really really bad news. Oddly, ICP Vortex Germany told me
the opposite wr/t to their new line of cards. They said, they
were working on full FreeBSD support. I'll check what they have
to say about the GDT controllers. We run typo3.org on four
heavily loaded systems with these cards. We did not update to
6.x yet, because of fear of the mythical NFS deadlocks.
Now things seem to get even worse.

> So, can anyone recommend a card to replace this with?  Its a remote 
> server, so I'm looking for something that will be plug-n-play, same slot 
> that the GDT is in ... I realize that I'll have to reformat the server 
> afterwards ...

We just ordered this box here:


It contains two Intel SRCS28X RAID Controllers, that are supposedly
supported by the amr driver and the Linux Megamgr utility.

The system should arrive in about two weeks - if you're interested,
I'll keep you updated.


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