Hrm. SATA cables suck. I just got a new macbook - its power connector sucks itself right into the socket when it's close to it. If SATA cables sucked, this wouldn't be an issue.
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> The number one problem I've had with SATA RAIDs has been the cables! 4
> times I've lost arrays because the cables came loose or some other
> stupid problem with the cables.
> I need a vendor that has high quality latching SATA-II cables. Also...
> what can we do with the old cables to fix them... super glue them
> on?... Here's a question... Are all SATA cables rated for SATA-II?
> I've never seen a definitive answer to this question and
> does not sells "SATA-II" cables... Also does the spec call for
> shielded cables?
> frustrated, need a place to unload.... thanks.

First google hit "SATA-II cable specification":

Second google site hit details.asp?EdpNo=2076134&CatId=84

I've done business with Tiger Direct. They were prompt for delivery.
Searching for things on their site was annoying, though.

Adding "site:newegg" to the search gives:

First has a right angle connector.

You were saying?

Already looked at the Silverstone cables a few days ago, too many bad
reviews about the cables snapping in two. Do you have any of these
Silverstone cables... can you comment on the quality? thanks.

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