At 5:05 PM -0400 8/1/06, Gerard Seibert wrote:
FreeBSD 6.1

The printer on my system is connected to a WinXP machine.
I installed apsfilter to configure the print setup.
Everything appears to be working and I can print to the
printer from within apsfilter.

However, when I attempt to print either from the command
line or from within KDE, I receive this error message:

lpr: Error - scheduler not responding!

I cannot find out what is causing it. I even did a reboot
but the message continues. I Googled for a solution but
they all seemed to involve cups and I do not want to
install that if not necessary. I had another machine
configured similar to this but using FBSD 5.4 that
worked just fine.

Check to see if you have multiple versions of 'lpr'
running.  *If* you do, then the results that you see
will probably depend on which version you run.

It might be that KDE was compiled to expect CUPS.  I
do not use KDE, and I do not use CUPS, but you might
want to see if there is some "NO_CUPS" option for the
KDE port.

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